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The Baby Fund is a response to the rising tide of abuse, neglect, and death among infants and young children in our society.

Parenting Education

Many child experts believe that parent education is the only long lasting solution to the problem of neglect and abuse. The Fund offers comprehensive parenting classes for all parents who wants to improve or need to improve their parenting skills. Abuse and neglect is the result of ignorance or lack of access to mental health services and effective parenting education. Education provides the parent with a wealth of skills and tools to safeguard the baby and themselves. Parenting education gives mothers and fathers a solid knowledge base to help them raise healthy and vibrant children. It allows them to understand why their children are being disobedient and teaches the parent how to respond lovingly toward the child. Education gives the parent a bird’s eye view into the physical and mental growth of the child. This is extremely helpful in knowing what the child is capable of and what the child is incapable of doing.

Child experts note that when a mother or father screams at a baby/child this parent lacks an acute understanding of the mental capacity of the child. The child/baby does not understand those commands from their parents. Thus, the parents get frustrated and angry and then abuse the child. A key component of the parenting classes is to teach the parents that those babies/children are not little adults and do not understand. Hitting or verbally abusing them is not and never has been an effective teaching strategy. The parenting classes will provide the parent new non violent skills on how to properly educate and motivate their precious gift from God.

In addition the classes will cover the ABCs of parenting, what is stress and how to deal with stress. A significant amount of time is centered on child human development and the value of good child health practices (e.g. SIDS). Parenting and child nutrition will also be covered in those classes.


Many child experts believe that parent education is the only long lasting solution to the problem of neglect and abuse.

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