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The BabyFund is a subsidiary of the
DC Black Church Initiative

The Baby Fund

AMBER ALERT: The AMBER Alert Plan provides law-enforcement agencies with a powerful tool to help recover abducted children and quickly apprehend the suspect.

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7 Proven Principles to Good Parenting

"Those who help and protect children
are blessed and I urge you
to support them." - Oprah

Please help us fight
child abuse & neglect!

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NBCI and Oprah Winfrey Fight Child Molesters

"When you abuse or neglect your child you are destroying God's master piece and undermining the genius within. So do not hit them, scream at them or curse at them, just give them a hug and love them. Love is the only discipline. It never fails or hurts, it always produce the best in us."


The Baby Fund is a response to the rising tide of abuse, neglect, and death among infants and young children in our society.

Mission of The Baby Fund

The Baby Fund is a response to the rising tide of abuse, neglect, and death among infants and young children in our society.The Baby Fund is a response to the rising tide of abuse, neglect, and death among infants and young children in our society. The Fund will be both a source of assistance and advocacy to meet the needs of children who have little or no voices of their own. The universal Church has a moral obligation to protect children. The philosophical and theological underpinnings of the Fund can be understood by all faith communities, noting the supreme value place upon children in scripture when God said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for such is the kingdom of God.”

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After Penn State, Md. may examine strengthening child abuse reporting law .pdf [1.5mb]
State lacks criminal penalty for those who don't report abuse as law requires

NBCI Calls Casey Anthony Not Guilty Verdict a War Against Children
The Church is the Only Protector of Children

Raising Healthy Children: A Guide for African American Families
American Academy of Pediatrics and The Congress of National Black Churches

NFL player Ronde Barber, photographer Shari Belafonte, and former Surgeon General David Satcher, MD offer 7 steps for learning, nutrition, regular exercise, and more.

Shaken Baby / Shaken Impact

20 Helpful Tips in Preventing
Child Neglect & Abuse

The Latest Research on
Breast Feeding

Questions Arise Over Adoptions of Haitian Children .pdf [1.1mb]
Six Haitian orphans, on their way to new lives in the United States, had their destination changed at the last moment. Now they are at an orphanage, while the details of their departure are sorted out

Donate to The Baby Fund so that we can work on behalf of Haiti's children
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Child Abuse Spikes During Recession
Hospitals Across Country Seeing A Rise In Incidents, Severity Of Abuse Cases

The Recession Worries Children
Seth Doane reports on the psychological impact of the recession on kids.
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DC "City Paper" Details How District Children DieHow District Children Die
Every year between 130 and 160 children and youth die in the District. We didn't know them in life—how they were born premature, how they had a beef with a kid in the neighborhood that escalated, how they fell through the cracks on the city's watch.


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