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NBCI Parenting TipsNBCI Launches Home Visitation Project


7 Proven Principles to Good Parenting

NBCI Launches
Home Visitation Project

This project has been tested in five major cities: Washington, DC, Richmond, VA, Baltimore, MD, Savannah, GA, and Charlotte, NC. The science has indicated that home visitation is an effective way to help young parents avoid the pitfalls that lead to neglect and abuse of children.

NBCI has taken this model and adapted it to the Baby Fund Project's needs.The primary objective of this initiative is to match young parents and teenage mothers with retired senior mothers from NBCI congregations for the explicit purpose of allowing the young parents/teenage mothers to take advantage of the senior parent knowledge base. By connecting them with a congregation and a senior parent, young parents and teenage mothers can receive tangible social services in the areas of food, clothing, transportation, money, and a senior parenting mentor.

The senior parenting mentors visit with the young parents/teenage mothers at least twice a week to see what is going on in their lives and to offer their knowledge of overcoming routine parenting difficulties. Another aim of the program is to equip the young parents with new parenting skill sets and to give them someone to call on in times of crisis, thus avoid abuse and neglect of the child. The program also allows NBCI to tap a reservoir of a proven senior parent knowledge base. We are now looking for long-term funding to establish this initiative in other cities as well as institutionalize it within NBCI Baby Fund Project.

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