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The Baby Fund is a response to the rising tide of abuse, neglect, and death among infants and young children in our society.

About The Baby Fund

"Every time a child is abused or neglected, the whole human race suffers," said Wade F. Horn, Ph.D., assistant secretary for children and families.

The Baby Fund is a project of the National Black Church Initiative. The fund provides comprehensive parenting education and utilizes best practice strategies and methods for African American and Latino parents. The objective is to reduce the alarming number of child abuse and neglect cases in those communities by employing the latest parenting skill building techniques. Additional information about SIDS and the Back to Sleep Method for infants are taught. We cover all aspects of safe sleeping methods even down to helping the parents choose government approved cribs.

The BABY FUND PROGRAM also exists to provide emergency, educational, and preventative assistance to parents. The following are some instances of how the funds collected from the Baby Fund can and will be used.

  • The Fund will provide for any emergency care and services needed to maintain the health of the child.
  • The Fund will provide emergency food, clothing, housing, and other related items that sustain the health and well being of the child. We believe that every infant should have its own bed.
  • The Fund will provide some assistance for legal services that may be incurred as an effort to protect the child.
  • The Fund will provide assistance for mental health services.
  • The Fund will provide for health promotion campaigns with the objective of stopping abuse and neglect. The fund will also help promote sound health practices such as the SIDS Back to Sleep method and other health concerns that threaten the health and welfare of children.
  • The Fund will provide for advocacy to compel federal, state and local Child and Family Agencies to fulfill their legal and moral obligation to protect the health and well-being of all children.

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) has created the BABY FUND PROGRAM to be a vanguard for children against abuse, neglect, and death. Too many of our precious babies are suffering and dying because state and local childcare systems are failing to protect them.

The rate of child neglect and abuse in 2001 was about 19 percent less than the rate in 1993, when maltreatment peaked at an estimated 15.3 out of every 1,000 children. As recently as 1998, the rate was 12.9 per 1,000 children. The rate dropped to 11.8 per 1,000 children in 1999 - considered a statistical "outlier" that was unduly influenced by census population estimates - and then returned to 12.2 per 1,000 children in 2000.

Abuse-preventive services and programs. The proposal provides the flexibility and sustained financial support necessary to build innovative programs for children and families aimed at preventing maltreatment and removal from home.
The data show that child protective service agencies received about 2,672,000 reports of possible maltreatment in 2001. There were 903,000 substantiated cases of maltreatment of children - most of which involved cases of neglect.
In 2001, about 1,300 children died of abuse or neglect, a rate of 1.81 children per 100,000 children in the population.
  We will not remain silent on this issue any longer.

NBCI is a coalition of 16,000 diverse faith communities that promotes good health practices through: Health Education Seminars, Health Promotions, and Health Literature. NBCI designed its BABY FUND PROGRAM to ensure that the environment in which babies live, grow, sleep, eat, develop and learn is always safe and secure. It has also developed the program to ensure that any government services critical to the health and welfare of babies are being provided in a fair and timely manner. Most important, the program is designed to ensure the lives of babies are protected and valued.

The overall objective of The Baby Fund is to provide critical care for babies and to assist mothers and fathers who are the primary care givers. The Fund will provide financial assistance on an emergency basis and offer long-term educational assistance through faith-based organizations that will provide comprehensive child development classes to parents who need it. This education is critical to the long term care of the child. The objective of the eight faith based child development centers is to provide the parents with coping skills and strategies to better take care of themselves and their baby.


The fund will not back down from controversy. It will use the judicial system to make sure that children are safe from neglect from their parents, state and/or city agencies. The church sees itself as the last hope for children who continue to be victimized by both their parents and the childcare system.

Although the protection of all babies is at the center of the BABY FUND PROGRAM, NBCI’s concern is not limited to babies. It is especially concerned with those children who are considered at risk, who are disabled and often pushed aside or forgotten, and that are victims of deadly, yet often preventable mistakes. Sadly, it has been documented in detail that over the past ten years, more than 400 babies and children in the District of Columbia died in situations where their deaths were preventable.

While the number of preventable deaths is in itself staggering, statistics also show that the number of children who suffer abuse in the District and elsewhere around the nation are just as appalling. If you take the District of Columbia as an example, in reported cases alone, the rate of abuse of children in the District is four or five each day; and studies show that less than half of such incidents of abuse are reported. Thus, at minimum nine or ten children in the District suffer abuse each and every day. This increases by thousands around the United States. This must stop.

The NBCI BABY FUND PROGRAM is designed specifically to serve as a voice for all these children and is designed to serve all those who have no voices of their own. Such children cannot ask for help but their lives often depend upon receiving help from an adult. But the program is not limited simply to the role of being a voice for those children. It is also designed to be a diligent and contentious observer of the quality of the services that various government-funded agencies provide. More specifically, the NBCI BABY FUND PROGRAM serves as a moral authority, and as such it will watch over services provided by the various child-related agencies that are part of the state and city child and family services. As a moral authority, it will speak out when problems exist in the service delivery area needed by children and infants.

It will speak out when problems in those agencies and the services they provide are ignored. Finally, it will ensure that not only changes, but also improvements are made in those agencies and the services they provide. We will also try to work efficiently with all agencies to improve care. The Baby Fund will help stop the abuse. We need your help.

If you would like to help and make a serious difference in the lives of our children, please send or donate online on the top of the page.

Every Child Deserves Its Own Bed

The Baby Fund launches “Every Child Deserves Its Own Bed” Campaign. It is an effort to raise money to buy cribs for infant children all across America. The purpose of this campaign is to educate parents that allowing their infant child to sleep with them increases the likelihood for accidental death through suffocation. Child experts agree that the best way to prevent this is for every child to have its own bed. The Baby Fund advocates that every child deserves its own bed for the important reason of eliminating accidental deaths and to promote safe sleeping habits (by placing the babies on their backs) to vanguard against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. We need your help to make this a reality for all our babies as we move to put in place preventive safeguards to protect our little angels. PLEASE GIVE TO THE BABY FUND.

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